Donna Moran
Artist Statement 2019
My recent series “Reactionary Impulses” and “Allegory for Reactionary Impulses” builds on my previous body of work “Conversations with E. Vila-Matas.” These combine silkscreen, mixed media with analog painting interventions that blend landscape, fantasy, and architecture.
 Having grown up in the tornado belt and then moving to the East Coast, the visual evidence of the destructive power of storms, combined with the threatening nature of our current political climate, has combined to make my work increasingly dark, so that what was once buoyant and bright has become, through layering and additional mark making reflective of the physical and emotional turmoil surrounding us.
 I begin by collaging my silkscreen prints and drawings- often digitally printing earlier work on various materials and attaching them to panels. In this way my work re-asserts itself as new imagery. The next step involves further mediation with pencil, acrylic, and gouache paint. My work is experimental in nature and these pieces are both finished as well as the potential source of future work. As my practice progresses I increasingly value the evidences of past architecture recycled, re-imagined, and re-conceptualized anew.