Donna Moran

Artist Statement

August 2015

Lives in NJ/ Works in Brooklyn


The tension of the analog, versus or combined with the digital leads me to a dialogue between the inter-textuality of ideas and contemporary concepts. Images disintegrate, are used, changed and re-used- always in a struggle between clarity and exploration.


My work, Configuration, Transformation, Assembly Points of Contact and Conversations With E. Vila-Matas reflects upon the physical damages created from storms, over-development of the coastal regions of the northeast and my native mid-west. The work is a blend of landscape and architecture, digital and hand painted media embracing both the literal and figurative idea of displacement. 


My work dialogues with the Spanish writer Enrique Vila-Matas and I hope to expand these thoughts into the visual realm in a continuing dance  of language and art.


Matas’ protagonist Samuel Riba ruminates in Dublinesque:


 “Five elements he considered essential for the novel of the future. These essential elements were intertextuality; connection with serious poetry; awareness of a moral landscape in ruins; a slight favoring of style over plot; a view of writing that moves forward like time.” “He realizes that he will have to choose between flicking through a book - remaining heroically in the Gutenberg age - or else surfing the net and entering the digital world.  For a moment he feels like he’s right in the middle of an imaginary bridge linking the two epochs.”





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